Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seven-and-a-Half - But I'm Not Counting

If you know me well enough, you are aware that I occasionally like to count down to things, primarily Christmas, but also the start of trips and exciting events, like starting college. With the end of the first half of the 2007 fall semester yesterday, it would be mathematically correct to say that I have only seven-and-a-half semesters of college to go. But I am NOT counting down. Rather, I am reflecting on the last eight weeks and the clear hand of God in all that has happened to me.

Where do I even begin to summarize my first half-semester of college? It certainly was a unique mix of adventures. I have totally revised my sleeping habits. It takes me five minutes to get from my bed to the breakfast table. I now have friends from places as close as the city of Wheaton and as far as the continent of Africa. I've eaten Ramen. I've taken more rides on Metra (the train system serving the six-county area of northeast Illinois) since starting college than in my whole life before. I've learned how to play clarinet. I've been to a college football game. I've entered about a dozen new phone numbers into my contacts list. I've taken more rides in an elevator than I can count. I've used the word "Doctor" in normal conversation even more times. I've performed in Edman Chapel. I've heard amazing, challenging, encouraging speakers like John Piper live. I've taken my last-ever math or science class. I've had more coffee in the last eight weeks than in my whole life before.

How much of that did I expect would happen? Bits of it, I'm sure. I knew, for example, about how long it would take to get from Traber Hall 512 to Anderson Commons. But the Wheaton experience thus far has been, overall, better than I could ever have imagined. I have said it before and I will continue saying for the rest of my life: I know that God wants me at Wheaton College because He will use my time there to form me more into the man of Christ He wants me to be. I am so excited for the next seven-and-a-half semesters. If they're anything like the first half-semester, I'm in for some wild rides.

In the interim, though, I am enjoying my long weekend of a fall break. It is really nice to have a few days to relax at home, catch up on local news and sleep, and just see whatever else happens.

This is Rubio, over and out.