Saturday, June 30, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 30

I think this would be an appropriate place to use the phrase "in other news..."
Marcia Adair: "Air Cello and More in 4-D 'Concert' at a London Museum" (Los Angeles Times, June 23)

Jon Acuff: "Finding Out There Won't Be an Ocean in Heaven" (Stuff Christians Like, June 25)

Lillian Kwon: "Obeying God Comes After Grace, Says Tim Keller" (Christian Post, June 25)
The proper understanding of the gospel is grace first, obedience second.

Ramsey Lewis: "Getting in a Jazz Groove" (Chicago Tribune, June 25)
Jazz is a garbanzo bean. Too many young people would rather eat cake - even though they've never tasted a garbanzo bean.

Napp Nazworth: "Theologian: Young Evangelicals Want to Rethink What it Means to Be Evangelical" (Christian Post, June 26)
The movement's leaders are resistent to talking about the issues for fear of repercussions.

Ed Stetzer: "Preach the Gospel, and Since It's Necessary, Use Words" (Christian Post, June 26)
There are two basic problems with [the popular quotation]

Andrea Durbin: "Derailing Childhoods" (Chicago Tribune, June 27)
Violence, funding cuts are derailing childhoods.

Marilyn Katz: "The Impact of Violence" (Chicago Tribune, June 27)
It is...a real threat to the future of Chicago.

David Neff: "Timothy George on the Reformers' Postmodern Movement" (Christianity Today, June 29)
The historical theologian says Luther and Calvin show us how to read the Bible for the sake of the church.

Scott Walker: "A Wisconsin Plan for Illinois?" (Chicago Tribune, June 29)
Reformers in the Land of Lincoln could help provide certainty to private-sector job creators.

Friday, June 29, 2012

This Week's Big Topic

My Google Reader carries the feeds of the opinion pages of two major American newspapers, an international news magazine, and a conservative policy think tank. Needless to say, over the last day and a half, by feed has been flooded with articles, editorials, columns, and essays on yesterday's ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). I decided to separate all of the articles on that subject I starred from my regular "Articles of the Week" post, which will come your way tomorrow morning as usual.

First, though, a few of my thoughts. Most of the articles I read focused on one of two issues: the effects this law will have as the remainder of its provisions are implemented over the next few years (in my view, the short-term issues) or the effect that Chief Justice Roberts' opinion will have on future legislation and judicial decisions (in my view, the long-term issues). While my initial reaction to the news yesterday was one of disappointment (with regard to the short-term issues), after all my reading over the last two days, I am encouraged by the potential benefits of this ruling on those long term issues. I also have a newfound appreciation for how difficult it must be to be a federal judge, let alone on the highest court. In any case, while I am sure the near future will see much legislative activity on the issue of health care reform, I suspect the history books will mark this year as important in the development of the constitutional limits of the federal government - one way or another.

And now, for my selected articles, which I have grouped by publication, rather than my usual method of date. In addition to articles addressing the two issues I mentioned above, I am also including a few on related subjects (such as the important but as yet unresolved religious freedom question).

Chicago Tribune

Editorial: "Judicial Restraint: John Roberts' Deft Decision on Obamacare"

Editorial: "Unfinished Business: Financing Medicaid's Expansion in Doubt"

Peter Pitts: "Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Healthcare"

Christian Post

Alex Murashko: "Obamacare: HHS Mandate Redefines Religion, Say Christian Legal Experts"

Christianity Today

Katelyn Beaty: "Faith Healing: How Local Churches Are Stepping Into Healthcare's Gaps" [from This is Our City]

The Economist

"Obamacare and the Supreme Court: A Clean Bill of Health"

"Obamacare and the Supreme Court: John Roberts' Art of War"

The Foundry

Chuck Donovan: "Repealing Obamacare to Preserve Civil Society"

National Affairs

James C. Capretta and Robert E. Moffit: "How to Replace Obamacare" [this is an older article I came across and found interesting, though lengthly]

The New York Times

Editorial: "A Moderate Ruling with Risks Ahead"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 23

Lots of articles this week about major national issues debates, as well as a few pieces of good advice.

Robert Hendrickson: "Don't Do It for the Kids: Of Hymnal Revision and Young Adults" (The Curate's Desk, May 15)

Anne Midgette: "Concerto on the Fly: Can Classical Musicians Learn to Improvise?" (The Washington Post, June 16)

Ryan T. Anderson: "The Case Against Obamacare, on Abortion" (The Foundry, June 17)

Alyene Senger: "Five Devastating Effects Obamacare Will Have on Young Adults" (The Foundry, June 17)

Ryan T. Anderson: "Reasoning for Marriage" (The Foundry, June 19)

Jonathan Lo: "Show White and the Huntsman: Fighting Injustice with Innocence" (World Vision Blog, June 19)

Doyle McManus: "Voting the Economy" (Chicago Tribune, June 19)
An election referendum? Or a choice?

W. David O. Taylor: "On the Vocation of an Artist: Part I" (Diary of an Arts Pastor, June 19)

Mary Schmich: "Challenge Yourself to Have a Worthwhile Summer" (Chicago Tribune, June 20)
As season begins, think about how you want to pass your time.

Rich Tucker: "Finding Answers in the Founding" (The Foundry, June 20)

Lara Barger: "That's the (American) Spirit!" (The Foundry, June 21)

Lindsey Burke: "Lack of Confidence in Public Schools at an All-Time High" (The Foundry, June 21)

George MacDonald: "Praying that Makes a Difference" (Leadership Journal, June 21)
Whether from the pulpit, or Ground Zero, pastoral prayer changes things.

Opinion: "Teacher Prep" (Chicago Tribune, June 21)
For the sake of Illinois students, don't dilute state standards for tomorrow's educators.

Gaysubtlety: "Patience" (gaysubtlety, June 22)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 16

I only starred a handful of articles this week, but there are some interesting arguments made, including more than one perspective on the mission of the Church.

Brett Campbell: "New Models from Indie Orchestras" (San Francisco Classical Voice, June 8)

Tullian Tchividjian: "Cheap Law" (Christian Post, June 9)
Jesus shows unambiguously that the greatest obstacle to getting the gospel is not "cheap grace" but "cheap law" - the idea that God accepts anything less than the perfect righteousness of Jesus.

Alex Murashko: "Tired of Christian Left, Right? You Are Not Alone, Says Author" (Christian Post, June 12)
There are a growing number of believers who fit neither camp and are perfectly pleased to be outside the diatribe.

Katherine Weber: "'In God We Teach' Explores Fine Line Between Religious Freedom and Free Speech" (Christian Post, June 12)
A student at a public high school revealed recordings of his history teacher speaking on Jesus and salvation in the classroom.

Kevin DeYoung: "Why the Mission of the Church Discussion Still Matters" (Christian Post, June 13)
For many churches and many Christians our mission work and mission aims have become indistinguishable from that of any number of humanitarian organizations.

Paul Gallagher: "The American Spirit" (The Foundry, June 14)

Napp Nazworth: "Evangelicals Should Be Gospel Centered, Not Salvation Centered" (Christian Post, June 14)

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 9

Topics this week include behind the scenes of the performing arts, soteriology, social policy, and a book review. By the way, you may notice from time to time that I include articles that do not fall within the current week; this is because I get those articles from an intermediary site that posts the links within the current week, even if the original article is older.

Amanda Angel: "Top Five Faked Classical Performances" (Top 5 @ 105, May 31)

Cureator: "I Choose Delight" (Cureator, June 4)

Editorial: "Enter the Dragon" (Chicago Tribune, June 4)
SpaceX delivers a flawless space mission.

Richard Mouw: "Getting to the Crux of Calvary" (Christianity Today, June 4)
Each atonement theory highlights a truth about the Cross -- but none more so than Christ's substitutionary death.

Ryan T. Anderson: "Definition of Marriage Headed to the Supreme Court" (The Foundry, June 5)

Kevin DeYoung: "Two Things to Keep in Mind When Evangelicals Turn Catholic" (Christian Post, June 7)

Jason Hood: "The New Normal Trinitarianism" (SAET Blog, June 7)

Lillian Kwon: "Why Go to Church When You Can Watch Online?" (Christian Post, June 7)

David Weinberger: "The Morality of Conservatism" (The Foundry, June 7)

Eric Zorn: "Decisive Dad Picks No. 1 Virtue for Newly Minted Grad" (Change of Subject, June 7)

Napp Nazworth: "Theologian: Christians Need to Ground Themselves in Scripture, Not Fads" (Christian Post, June 8)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 2

Lots of variety this week on all the usual subjects and some not-so-comon topics: politics and political commentary, social and ecclesial theology, education policy, and Memorial Day.
Susan DeMersseman: "Not My Father's Grand Old Party" (Chicago Tribune, May 27)

Anugrah Kumar: "Why Does Pentecost Matter?" (Christian Post, May 27)
The pews are rarely packed on Pentecost Sunday although the day is often described as the "birthday of the Church" and is as significant as Christmas and Easter.

Editorial: "This Memorial Day" (The New York Times, May 28)
After a decade of two wars, there are many lost lives to mourn, and nature is doing all it can to comfort.

Ted R. Bromund: "From Britain, More Evidence That Smaller Government Is Better Government" (The Foundry, May 29)

Lindsey Burke: "Don't Strengthen NCLB -- Allow States to Escape It" (The Foundry, May 29)

Richard Dare: "The Awfulness of Classical Music Explained" (Huffington Post, May 29)

John Piper: "Why Don't We Experience the Miracles the Apostles Were Capable Of?" (Christian Post, May 29)
Well, some people do.

Kevin DeYoung: "The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments" (Christian Post, May 30)
Of the many complexities involving the church and homosexuality, one of the most difficult is how the former should speak to the latter.

Editorial: "Improve the Pension Bill" (Chicago Tribune, May 30)
Quinn's plan would lock in more savings -- more reform, really -- than Madigan's would.

John C. Knapp: "Business is the Church's Business" (Christianity Today, May 30)
It's wrong to elevate an ecclesiastical elite over the money-making members of the Body of Christ.

Duane Litfin: "Works and Words: Why You Can't Preach the Gospel with Deeds" (Christianity Today, May 30)
And why it's important to say so.

Rich Tucker: "Wedded to the Truth" (The Foundry, May 30)

Patrick T. Reardon: "A New Shepherd for Chicago" (Chicago Tribune, May 31)

Michael Franc: "Gov. Romney on Defense Spending and US Foreign Policy" (The Foundry, June 1)

Emily Goff and Rachel Sheffield: "Fix Entitlement Programs to Save the American Dream" (The Foundry, June 1)

Julia Shaw: "The Tyranny of Conservative Cliches" (The Foundry, June 1)

"State of Renewal" (The Economist, June 2)
The federal government could learn some lessons from the states.