Monday, November 17, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Semester

Last week in my private trombone lesson, my teacher, Audrey, joked that every year she tells the freshmen in her studio that the last month of the fall semester is the worst, but no one really believes her until they have hindsight. She said that in the context of reminding me of that truth, and cautioning me to keep my focus as I finish up the semester.

As it happens, practically speaking, I finish this semester in exactly one month. My last final, Baroque and Classical Eras, is the morning of Wednesday, December 17. I do not know yet when I'll leave campus (I am required to be out of my residence hall by noon on Friday the 19th), but it'll be nice to be finished only halfway through finals week.

Overall, this semester has gone well academically. I have a couple challenging classes, but I'm managing. The only part of my course load that is sometimes overwhelming is having two sets of private lessons: trombone and piano. The practice hours really add up. But I have managed to discipline myself well enough. My two juries will actually be the first events of finals week for me.

Between now and finals week, there are a few major events on my schedule. This weekend, the Symphony Orchestra is presenting a concert, and I have been assigned to stage manage. It's a fairly straightforward concert from a stage manager's perspective, but the music on the program is all exciting repertoire, so I'm excited to hear it.

Then, next week, is Thanksgiving. Tuesday is the last day of classes, and my last class finished at 1:05 PM, so I expect to be at home by three. This break will be the first time I have been at home for more than one night all semester. I am really looking forward to some time to just relax, as well as seeing my extended family.

The week after that is the Wheaton College Christmas Festival. The Symphonic Band is on the program this year, and last week we began rehearsing the music for the festival. We have some fun pieces on our program. I am really excited about performing on the Christmas Festival this year.

And, of course, there is the general enjoyment of being at Wheaton College at Christmas time. We had our first measurable snowfall last night, which is only the first sign of the season. I am sure that a few other adventures will present themselves in the next month.

This is Rubio, over and out.