Saturday, May 7, 2011

End Credits

Tomorrow afternoon I will walk across the stage in Edman Memorial Chapel, shake Dr. Ryken’s hand, and have ceremonially graduated from Wheaton College. This occasion is, by all accounts, a milestone. I am extraordinarily grateful to have attended this school. As I wrote in a previous post, I grew a lot here.

At the moment, I want to recognize some people who have been instrumental in my time at Wheaton. These men and women have counseled me, encouraged me, challenged me, given me what I needed to flourish, and pointed me toward Christ in their own unique ways.

The Conservatory faculty, particularly, Kathy Kastner, Tony Payne, Dan Sommerville, Jerry Sundberg, Michel Wilder, and Tim Yontz, for going above and beyond their job descriptions to encourage and mentor me individually.

The Conservatory staff – Alice, Dave, Debbie, Janice, Michelle, Phil, Sharon, and Susan – for all that they do in general and for encouraging me in my role of service to the department.

Paul Chelsen, Vice President for Student Development, for his wisdom, counsel, prayer, and encouragement over the last two years.

The seven men with whom I have been privileged to live: Jeff Hobday, Nathaniel Olson, Sam Ostransky, Paul Nelson, Wes Reynolds, Jon Steely, and David Wynne, for providing a safe, encouraging, fun “home” environment.

Various members of the Conservatory class of 2013, who were freshmen when I was a junior, for letting me fill the big brother role for them – one of the most humbling, rewarding, and joyful experiences of my life.

Three members of the Class of 2010, Ben Alle, Izzy Hance, and Garrett Myers, for being my surrogate big brothers and sister and showing me, while I was a junior, what it means to be a senior at Wheaton.

And a few other peers who fit into no formal category but who, along with many of the people mentioned above, have seen me in my brokenness and loved me anyway: Naomi Attaway, Peter Held, Heidi Jahns, and Marit Swanson.

There are two other people who deserve the highest credit for my even having the last four years – my parents. My parents not only provided the funds for me to attend Wheaton, but they attended just about all of my concerts, allowed me to have a friend over once in a while, gave me a welcome home for breaks, and were there with encouragement, prayer, and support the whole way. They were not physically present with me at Wheaton, but their influence was extraordinary nonetheless.

Wheaton College: it has been an honor.

This is Rubio, over and out.

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