Saturday, September 8, 2012

Articles of the Week - September 8

As with last week, I will begin this week's highlights with presidential politics. Three pieces from the Chicago Tribune to begin: Daniel Byrne cautions readers against "the Obama hype," Rex Huppke bemoans campaign tactics' effects on impressionable young children, and the editorial board looks beyond the scripted and rehearsed conventions to the presidential debates. In The Foundry, Julia Shaw reacted to the Charlotte convention's soundbite, "we all belong to the government," and on a related subject, Rich Tucker champions George Washington's model of presidential leadership.

I also came across a few good articles on education. Amy Payne, writing for The Foundry, outlines "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of a New School Year," and her colleague, Virginia Walden Ford, praises Condoleeza Rice's comments on school choice. In the Chicago Tribune, the editorial board voices strong support for merit pay and school choice (two concepts I personally and professionally support also).

In arts and entertainment, Mark Ellen of The Guardian reviews David Byrne's new book, How Music Works and The Economist looks at the usefulness of conductors

The rest of this week's highlights are a bit of a smorgasbord, so I will present them by publication rather than topic.

In addition to the pieces already mentioned, the Tribune includes Mary Schmich's call for "appreciating other people's work" and Sebastian Swett's reflections on the larger reality reflected by the history and controversy over the Pledge of Allegiance.

For The Gospel Coalition blog this week, Eric Tonjes writes an insightful piece on engaging the culture, Mary Kassian provides a very helpful summary of complementarianism (I certainly found her explanations clarifying), Douglas Wilson analyzes the worldview of The Lord of the Rings, and Owen Strachan celebrates the rise (or return) of the pastor-theologian.

Speaking of which, the pastor-theologian Jason Hood writes on the SAET blog about "A Wrong Way to Do Theology." Jon Acuff muses on the difficulty of grace. Chuck King of College Church in Wheaton talks about classic hymns that have structure-defying refrains and "well-crafted modern hymns." Finally, the editors of The New York Times reflect on the season-marking nature of Labor Day.

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