Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Year Ahead

Time for a quick update on the various activities that fill my schedule. Since most of them align with the school year, which is just under way, I feel it is a very appropriate time for this update.

In short, I am continuing with the three professional engagements I had last school year.

I continue on the faculty of Faith Christian Academy in Geneva as Band Director. Term began this week, and my classes begin next week. I have a talented group of students that loves to have fun, and I really enjoy being in class with them. Concerts, festivals, and recitals will fill our schedule this year.

I am also continuing as Orchestra Director at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park. Our first rehearsal is this Saturday, and our first appearance in worship services is two weekends later. A few new people have joined our ranks for this coming season, and I am looking forward to our regular Sunday morning ministry and our special seasonal projects.

And finally, I remain part of the Wheaton College Artist Series team. My focus this season will be on community events and outreach, helping to develop the Series' presence in our community and tell the story of what we have to offer. Opening Night is just three weeks from tomorrow!

There is a moderate amount of regularity to my schedule, but at the same time every week is a little bit different - usually due to a concert event. I am so grateful to have so many opportunities to apply my professional training and experience, and work with so many great people.

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