Saturday, December 7, 2013

Musical Advent Calendar 2013 - Day 7

Saturday, December 7

Text from Pies Cantiones (1582)
Music by Michael Engelhardt (2007)

Performed by the Millikin University Women's Choir

(Translation below the video)

Gaudete, gaudete! Christus est natus

Ex Maria virgine, gaudete!

Rejoice, rejoice! Christ is born

(Out) Of the Virgin Mary — rejoice!


Tempus adest gratiæ

Hoc quod optabamus,

Carmina lætitiæ

Devote reddamus.

The time of grace has come—

what we have wished for,

songs of joy

Let us give back faithfully.


Deus homo factus est

Natura mirante,

Mundus renovatus est

A Christo regnante.

God has become man,

To the wonderment of Nature,

The world has been renewed

By the reigning Christ.


Ezechielis porta

Clausa pertransitur,

Unde lux est orta

Salus invenitur.

The closed gate of Ezekiel

Is passed through,

Whence the light is born,

Salvation is found.


Ergo nostra contio

Psallat iam in lustro;

Benedicat Domino:

Salus Regi nostro.

Therefore let our gathering

Now sing in brightness

Let it give praise to the Lord:

Greeting to our King.

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