Monday, May 9, 2016

Encouragement for the Arts Manager

Being an arts manager, I am no stranger to the challenges my field faces from everything from after effects of the recession to the advent of mobile communications and entertainment technology. Hardly a week goes by without being in a staff meeting where someone references these challenges.

Perhaps I am a hopeless optimist, but I am hopeful for the future of the live performing arts, even if if looks vastly different in this century than it did in the last -- because I see that even while different than in the past, the live performing arts can still have incredible value and purpose in strengthening communities and celebrating common humanity across cultures.

I write about it today because I read two encouraging articles on the matter. A performing arts center in Southern California and a symphony orchestra in New England are not just avoiding the effects of these challenging times, but are finding ways to flourish, and doing so, it seems, with joy.

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