Saturday, April 21, 2012

Articles of the Week - April 21

Here are this week's picks. There are quite a few articles about trends in the institutional church, and an interesting article on new music.

Lindsey Burke: “What Does the Supreme Court Think About Washington’s Education Overreach?” (The Foundry, April 16)

Rob Deemer: “How to Define (And Evaluate) 21st Century Music” (New Music Box, April 13)

Chuck King: “Breathless” (Knowing the Score, April 16)

Sarah Pulliam Bailey: “Q & A: Ross Douthat on Rooting Out Bad Religion” (Christianity Today print edition, May 2012)
Why the New York Times columnist wants to see America return to its confessional roots.

David Weinberger: “New Research Confirms that Spending Cuts Stimulate the Economy” (The Foundry, April 17)

Audrey Barrick: “Youth Ministries Teaching Behavior Modification, Not Gospel?” (The Christian Post, April 17)
Ministry leaders are seeing a major problem among youth groups – an emphasis on behavior modification over the Gospel [sic].

Gordon T. Smith: “The New Conversion: Why We ‘Become Christians’ Differently Today” (Christianity Today web-only, April 18)
Evangelicals are undergoing a sea change understanding when it comes to this pivotal moment in the believer’s life.

Owen Strachan: “‘God is Not a Genie in a Bottle’: Ways We Misuse the Bible” (Christianity Today print edition, April 2012)
Why Eric J. Bargerhuff says we must avoid twisting Bible verses for our own advantage.

Mark Galli: “Andrew Sullivan Says Forget the Church. That’s Like Saying Forget Grace.” (Christianity Today web-only, April 17)
Why Christianity is a many splendored thing.

Jonathan K. Dodson: “Why the Missional Church Isn’t Enough” (The Gospel Coalition, April 9)

Justin Taylor: “An Interview with Duane Litfin on Word vs. Deed” (Between Two Worlds, April 19)

Alex Murashko: “Craig Groeschel Urges Generations to Set Aside Resentment” (The Christian Post, April 21)

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