Saturday, April 7, 2012

Articles of the Week - April 7

I read a lot, and I mean that in both senses of the colloquialism: that is, I read a large quantity of material and I read a large variety of material. Books about my professional field or my personal interests cover my desk, and articles about the same fill my Google Reader feed.

It is to this latter, digital reading list that I am dedicating a new series of blog posts. While the title, “Articles of the Week,” may not turn out to reflect reality, I do hope to somewhat frequently provide a listing of some of the more thought-provoking, timely, or just interesting articles from the various RSS feeds to which I subscribe. Here are this week’s, many of which relate to the momentous events Christians all over the world commemorate this weekend.

Prospero: “Musicians as Entrepreneurs” (The Economist, March 30)

Leroy Barber: “You Don’t Have to Quit to Find Life-Giving Work” (Christianity Today web only, April 2)
Even if you don’t like your job, you have a calling to serve God and others.

Greg Stier: “The Gospel Test: Do Your People Really Know the Good News?” (The Christian Post, April 2)

Kevin DeYoung: “What is the Glue that Holds Your Church Together?” (The Christian Post, April 3)

Al Hsu: “He’s Calling for Elijah! Why We Still Mishear Jesus” (Christianity Today web only, April 4)
"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me" was a cry of vindication, not despair.

John Koessler: “Jesus Disappoints Everyone” (Christianity Today, April 2012 print edition)
Our Savior has come, but we're often blind to his purposes.

Kevin DeYoung: “Go to Dark Gethsemane” (The Christian Post, April 6)

Eric Zorn: “Remembering Your Online Security Question” (Chicago Tribune, April 8 print edition)

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