Saturday, July 7, 2012

Articles of the Week - July 7

I was surprised when I finally looked back at my list of starred articles and columns this week and saw so many. But they all contribute to important debates.

Anne Midgette: "Music and Art: Questions of Intrusion" (The Washington Post, June 29)
Does music in a museum ruin the music - and the art?

Steve Chapman: "The Surprising Obamacare Verdict" (Chicago Tribune, July 1)
From the sound of conservatives, Thursday was a day that will live in infamy.

Richard Garnett: "Constitutional Basics After the Ruling" (Chicago Tribune, July 1)
Federal power over states and individuals alike is limited.

Thom S. Rainer: "What They See When They Come to Your Church" (Christian Post, July 1)
If we understand that a returning guest has more opportunities to hear the gospel...we might take the issue a bit more seriously.

Sarah Torre: "Local Churches and Charities Help Victims of Colorado Fires" (The Foundry, July 1)

Carolyn Arends: "In on the Joke of the Bible" (Wrestling with Angels, July 2)
Why we can't get the New Testament without the Old.

Greg Stier: "Drop to J Bomb" (Christian Post, July 2)
This Name above all names creates controversy and conversation which can lead to salvation and transformation.

Sarah Torre: "Religious Liberty Victories for NYC Churches" (The Foundry, July 2)

Lara Barger: "Faith: Part of the American Spirit" (The Foundry, July 4)

Kevin DeYoung: "The Idea of America" (Christian Post, July 4)
The ideals remain. The ideas persist.

Lindsey Minerva: "Hunger at Home: Five Surprising Facts on Child Hunger in America" (World Vision Blog, July 4)
Children are some of the most vulnerable victims, even here in the United States.

Julia Shaw: "Celebrating Self-Government" (The Foundry, July 4)

Lindsey Burke and Teresa Shumay: "Governor Walker Breaks New Ground in Higher Ed" (The Foundry, July 5)

John Keilman: "Power Outages Zap Sanity" (Chicago Tribune, July 5)
Summer storms, ComEd's response spawn 5 stages of power loss

Prospero: "Classical Music: A Grand Vision" (The Economist, July 5)

Timothy Samuel Shah: "Do the Church Fathers, Founding Fathers, and Catholic Saints Really Go Together?" (Christianity Today, July 5)
Thoughts on the origins of religious liberty.

W. David O. Taylor: "On the Vocation of an Artist: Part II" (Diary of an Arts Pastor, July 5)

Village Green: "Should Churches Display the American Flag in their Sanctuaries?" (Christianity Today, July 5)
Observers weigh in on patriotic piety.

Jonah Goldberg: "Symptoms of a Sick Culture" (Chicago Tribune, July 6)

Alex Murashko: "Is Paradise with Jesus Like a Never-Ending Summer Vacation?" (Christian Post, July 6)

Stephen Pepper: "10 Types of VBS Volunteers" (Stuff Christians Like, July 6)

Prospero: "Lessons in Charisma" (The Economist, July 6)

Staff Editorial: "The Evolution of the Debate: Divided on Origins" (Christianity Today, July 6)
We haven't always been this way.

George Will: "The Battle Over Chicago Schools' Future" (Chicago Tribune, July 6)

"Education: A 20-Year Lesson" (The Economist, July 7)

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