Thursday, July 12, 2012

Young Kingdom Servants

My office for the week
This week is Vacation Bible School at Calvary Memorial Church. It constitutes my one annual foray into the world of children’s ministry. For the second year, I have served as technical director, managing the audiovisual needs for the opening and closing sessions as well as the music sessions, where the kids learn new songs (with hand motions, of course) that relate to that day’s Bible verse. It is a fun job that is something I only do once a year, because my normal professional duties usually involve being the people for whom AV technicians are working.

All the kids singing one of the songs
This week has thus far been immensely refreshing. We have over 150 kids, and I think a dozen or so decisions for Christ. How exciting to be present when these children, whose future kingdom service only God can foresee, begin their journey of faith! And it is always exciting to see the kids, gathered together at the close of each morning, wildly singing about God’s love. To be sure, I hope that they all grow to appreciate music with greater artistic substance, but, much more importantly, through these songs they are singing about the core truths of what it means to follow Christ (helped by the fact the songs texts are based directly on Bible verses). “God is our refuge and our strength” … “God will meet all your needs in Christ Jesus” … “we needed a Savior; He made a way, no matter the cost” … just some excerpts.

It is a great week. My duties in music ministry normally prevent me from giving time to children’s ministry, but I am always happy to be a part of this very exciting week where the gospel takes hold of these young kingdom servants.

This is Rubio, over and out.

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