Saturday, August 11, 2012

Articles of the Week - August 11

I am writing this morning from Alexandria, Virginia. I am in the area this weekend for a friend's wedding, though my packed schedule of wedding fun and also seeing other friends in the area somehow still left me with some time on Saturday morning for my weekly digest.

Most of the articles I starred this week were from The Foundry, so I will start there. Dominique Ludvigson gives an election day-themed update on the legal battle over marriage, Dylan DelliSanti looks at the merits of a market economy, Ryan Anderson outlines the humanitarian dimension of welfare work requirements, Teresa Shumay reports on flaws in the Education Department's modus operandi and suggests some alternatives and also reports on a new teacher tenure reform law in New Jersey, Helle Dale discusses the role of social media at the Olympics, and Alyene Senger and Grant Hodges summarize general public opinion on the Affordable Care Act.

In the Chicago Tribune this week, Frank Schell wrote a satirical piece about why America needs co-presidents and George Lakoff wrote a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of low-information voters.

Also in education commentary was this editorial in The New York Times about ways to ensure quality teaching forces, and also in legislative updates this week was a World Vision blog post by Jesse Eaves about anti-trafficking legislation.

The remaining articles are a potpourri on theology and faith. David Taylor lists 35 books on theology and the arts (I am ashamed to admit I have not read one of them!), my friend Rebecca continues her discussion on renewed life in Christ, my friend Allison (writing as Sister Christian) reports live from Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit, and Todd Billings writes for Christianity Today on "The Problem with 'Incarnational Ministry.'"

Look for a post late next week about my trip!

This is Rubio, over and out.

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