Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reading in 2015, Year-End Report

Being a graduate of a liberal arts college, I obviously enjoy reading books (pardon the stereotype...but it my case it is true!). One of my "soft" resolutions at the beginning of the year was to read at least one book per month. I managed eleven; I blame the slackening over the summer on the Chicago Cubs' thrilling season being so distracting.

In any case, here are the books I read this year, in alphabetical order by the author's last name:

  • J. Mark Bertrand, Rethinking Worldview
  • Dale Brown, Starfire
  • Rachel Held Evans, Searching for Sunday
  • Greg Forester, Joy for the World
  • Michael Lewis, Moneyball
  • Russell Moore, Onward
  • Paul Nyquist and Carson Nyquist, The Post-Church Christian
  • Philip Graham Ryken, Loving the Way Jesus Loves
  • Patrick Smith, Cockpit Confidential
  • R. C. Sproul, The Consequences of Ideas
  • Paul Taylor, The Next America

And I still have the unread part of an ever-growing list of titles accumulated from my daily blog and news reading, so I am already well on my way to lots of reading in 2016. At least in theory...

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