Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 MLB Postseason Predictions

My predictions are based loosely on the competing teams' head-to-head records and factoring home field advantage. Obviously I do not have a future as a sports journalist. And I am biased toward one of the teams. But just for fun:

American League Wild Card: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays
Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays

National League Wild Card: San Francisco Giants at New York Mets
Prediction: New York Mets

American League Division Series: Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians
Predictions: Texas Rangers in 5, Boston Red Sox in 5

National League Division Series: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals
Predictions: Chicago Cubs in 5, Los Angeles Dodgers in 5

American League Championship Series: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers
Prediction: Texas Rangers in 7

National League Championship Series: Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs
Prediction: Chicago Cubs in 6

World Series: Chicago Cubs at Texas Rangers
Prediction: Chicago Cubs in 7

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