Wednesday, November 23, 2016


On this Thanksgiving Eve, some things I am thankful for (surely an incomplete list)...

Naomi, my wife
Ed and Becky, my parents
Paul, my brother
Vel and Dorothy, my grandmothers
My extended family members
Tony and Gerald, my bosses at Wheaton and Calvary, respectively
Dr. Wilder and Todd, their bosses, respectively
My colleagues at Wheaton and Calvary
My student staff at Wheaton
The orchestra members at Calvary
My friends within the Calvary Young Adults community group
Wheaton College and Calvary Memorial Church, and not just in their context as my employers
My appointment to the Executive Committee of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Overture Council
The Chicago Cubs, and their 2016 season
The precious, limitless, relentless grace of God

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