Monday, December 31, 2012

Articles of Note - New Year's and Bible Reading

Happy New Year's Eve, readers! It was an extra day coming this year, because 2012 was a leap year. But here we are, on December 31. My blog and editorial reading the past few days have found many articles on that theme, and I share my highlights here:

Matt Smethurst of The Gospel Coalition provides a synopsis of (and links to) TGC's most popular articles of 2012, which cover a wide variety of important topics. Joe Carter of TGC compiled an interesting list, "The Year in Numbers: 2012."

Christianity Today also looked back at top stories from 2012 with respect to "evangelical life, [thought], and mission," as well as the most-read news stories from their site.

The Heritage Foundation was in retrospect mode as well. Julia Shaw reviews the year in terms of conservative policy, Erika Andersen collects the most popular images from Heritage, and (looking forward to 2013), Jennifer Marshall looks at where conservative policymakers should move with regard to helping the poor.

In the Chicago Tribune, Katie Parker (of the Washington Post) suggests a few words and phrases we all drop from our vocabularies and Barbara Brotman reexamines the idea of a resolution.

Josh Moody of College Church has some end-of-year thoughts from First Peter. Also, some re-published thoughts on resolutions from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

I also came across a number of items about Bible reading, as improvement in that area is a popular New Year's resolution.

For TGC, Trent Hunter suggests a balanced Bible diet of both the Old and New Testaments and Matt Smethurst provides some tips for avoiding failure in keeping Bible reading discipline. Also, Ray Pritchard describes his preferred Bible reading method - note the different word!

Have you read any good end-of-year articles or blogs lately? Share a link in the comments section below!

Also, look for my reflections on 2012 and thoughts for 2013 later today!

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