Saturday, December 1, 2012

Articles of the Week - December 1

Happy December! Today begins meteorological winter - and the forecast for Chicago calls for mid-fifties. I guess the key word there was "Chicago."

This is also the first weekend of Advent. Given that, I want to begin this week with a few Advent-themed items:

  • David Taylor reflects on the counter-cultural nature of the season of Advent (as properly understood) and offers his own "acts of service" Advent calendar.
  • Daniel Montgomery and Bobby Giles, writing for The Gospel Coalition offer the counter-cultural proposal that we skip the "Christmas season" this year.
  • Ray Pritchard begins his Advent Devotional Series today.
  • Speaking of Advent calendars, check out the Evangelism Advent Calendar from the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, and also my own Musical Advent Calendar, which began earlier this morning - select "Musical Advent Calendar" from the right sidebar to see the complete calendar to date.
  • This isn't exactly Advent-themed, but I have to share the Stuff Christians Like take on the real meaning of Christmas

Now on to faith, theology, and church life:

Some thoughts on politics and public policy:
  • Michael Kinsey wrote a striking op-ed for the Chicago Tribune on the concept of change (the seventh paragraph is a particularly good summary of the ironic American perspective).
  • Stuart Stevens, from the Romney campaign, reflects on the former governor's work on the campaign trail, and what it all means for the Republican Party's future (also in the Tribune).
  • Amy Payne of The Heritage Foundation writes about movement in international Internet regulation
  • A business/technology story with some public policy implications: The Econonist takes a look at the "four giants of the Internet age"
  • The Gospel Coalition reports on "recent news and reports on marriage and family" (compiled by Joe Carter).

A few interesting arts and entertainment notes:

And a few odds and ends:

What articles or blogs caught your attention this week? Share them in the comments section below!

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