Saturday, December 8, 2012

Articles of the Week - December 8

Lots of discussions happening this week. I will begin with politics and public policy, as that is what is most recent (as in this morning) in my Google Reader.

A few items regarding the Supreme Court's announcement that it will hear some cases on federal marriage laws.

  • Ryan T. Anderson of The Heritage Foundation offers a summary of the announcement and the conservative perspective on the issue
  • John G. Malcolm, also of Heritage, offers a Legal Analysis
  • Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune describes possible outcomes and ramifications

And elsewhere in politics and public policy:
  • Sarah Morris of Heritage reports on the United Nations' declaration of contraception access as a human right (how an invention can be a right is beyond me)
  • Amy Payne of Heritage reports on the latest movement from House Republicans on fiscal cliff negotiations, not hiding her disappointment at the lack of bold moves
  • Diane Cohen of the Tribune argues that collective bargaining negotiations for public bodies should be conducted in open meetings (I agree with this)
  • The Tribune's editorial board calls on the president to remember his pre-inaugural commitment to entitlement reform
  • Sarah Torre of Heritage reports on the attitudes of Americans toward the HHS mandate exemptions for religious organizations (a recent poll shows that more support than oppose a broader exemption than currently allowed)
  • The Gospel Coalition, as part of its FAQ series, offers a helpful summary of the fiscal cliff issue

Some thoughts on matters of faith, theology, and church life:
  • Blogger and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin, writing for TGC, has some advice for parents about protecting the Sabbath
  • Jon Acuff has a unique and convicting discussion of sanctification
  • "Jordan" of gaysubtlety also has some unique and convicting thoughts on sanctification
  • Josh Moody of College Church has some thoughts on cultural engagement for Christians based on I John
  • Melissa Steffan of Christianity Today reports that there are seven categories of people that Americans trust more than their pastors

Some Advent-themed pieces:

And finally:
  • Mary Schmich of the Tribune reflects on the use of "big words"
  • Lachlan Markay of Heritage lists ten things on which Americans spend more money than their elections
  • My college classmate Kelsey Craggett muses on some of her recent experiences and discoveries as a young professional musician

What articles or blogs caught your attention this week? Share a link or two in the comments section below!

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