Saturday, May 5, 2012

Article of the Week - May 5

I again had to cut down my list this week (I like to stay under 20 recommendations), but I think I still achieved quite a variety. Politics, theology, arts and culture, and one article my a friend of mine.

David Bratman: “Recordings to Save Classical Music? Cheers to That” (San Francisco Classical Voice, April 21)
Let’s end the parade of sameness – and save classical music.

Tom Service: “The Five Myths About Contemporary Classical Music” (The Guardian, April 26)

Frank Bruni: “The Imperiled Promise of College” (The New York Times, April 28)
Student loans are just a piece of the puzzle of higher education.

Sister Christian: “Wheaton College Career Services: How to Market a Liberal Arts Degree” (A Daily Miracle, May 1)

Helle Dale: “New York Times: Every Day, In Every Way, Obama is Getting Even Better” (The Foundry, May 1)

John Piper: “Some Complementarians Deny Women More Opportunities Than the Bible Does?” (Christian Post, May 1)

Carolyn Arends: “Defending Scripture. Literally.” (Christianity Today, May 2)
Not everything the Bible has to say should be literally interpreted. But that doesn’t make it less powerful.

Arian Campo-Flores: “New World Symphony Tries Remix of Classical Music for iPod Generation” (The Wall Street Journal, May 2)

Richie Siegel: “Virtual Intimacy is ‘Like’ This” (Chicago Tribune, May 2)

James K. A. Smith: “Artificial Grace: Why the Creation Needs Human Creativity” (Christianity Today, May 2)

Jason Hood: “The Normal Christian Life (in the OT)” (The Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology, May 3)

Ray Pritchard: “I Struggle with Assurance of Salvation” (Keep Believing Blog, May 3)

Brandon Stewart: “A Better Life for ‘Julia’” (The Foundry, May 4)

Editorial: “Natomageddon” (Chicago Tribune, May 5)
Mark Monday, May 21, in red on your calendar, Chicagoans. You won’t be able to get from there to here.

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