Saturday, May 26, 2012

Articles of the Week - May 26

I have the usual variety this week. Enjoy!

Ray Pritchard: "Four Benefits of Bible Listening" (Keep Believing Blog, May 19)
Eric Zorn: "6 Arguments Against Gay Marraige (And Why They All Fail)" (Chicago Tribune, May 19)

Jason Hood: "What Words Can Express" (SAET Blog, May 21)

Elesha Coffman: "Teach Us to Pray: Learning from Prayer Partners in History" (Christianity Today, May 22)
Great figures from church history have much to teach about talking with God.

Sister Christian: "Gaysubtlety, Sexuality, and Christianity" (A Daily Miracle, May 22)

Rich Tucker: "Here's a Fair Question: Are You Happy?" (The Foundry, May 22)

Lindsey Burke: "Romney's Education Agenda: With a Few Edits, It Could Be Great" (The Foundry, May 24)

Leslie Leyland Fields: "Throwing Christ Over the Cliff" (Stones Into Bread, May 24)
How the church can help the faithful stay faithful.

Michael Gryboski: "Book of Common Prayer Turns 350" (Christian Post, May 24)

Ray Pritchard: "What Do We Do Now?" (Keep Believing Blog, May 24)

Joseph Gorra: "Why Civic Engagement Belongs in Every Church's Mission Statement" (This is Our City, May 25)
Churches can commission their members to vocationally bless their community, says California pastor Michael Decker.

Jason Hood: "Transformation" (SAET Blog, May 25)

Rich Tucker: "Constitutional Countdown" (The Foundry, May 25)

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