Saturday, May 12, 2012

Articles of the Week - May 12

There were, not surprisingly, quite a few pieces this week responding to the president’s announcement of his personal support for same-sex marriage. I tried to limit my picks to a representative sample of those pieces, hence the mere three in this week’s list. Also included are two interesting pieces about prayer.

Philip Graham Ryken: "Wheaton College Opposes Health Insurance Mandate" (The Daily Herald, May 2)
Tanya Luhrmann: “Why Women Hear God More Than Men Do” (Christianity Today, May 7)
To pray, you need to use your imagination. And men of this generation are given few tools to do so.

Bridget Doyle: “Nine Disturbing Behaviors on Social Media That People Need to Stop Right Now” (Chicago Tribune, May 8),0,3619311.story

Todd C. Ream: “Dollars and Moral Sense: What Money Can’t Buy” (Christianity Today, May 8)
There’s more to life than relationships of economic exchange.

Tobin Grant: “President’s Evolution is Over: Obama Commits to Supporting Same-Sex Marriage” (Christianity Today, May 9)
Obama says support for same-sex marriage is consistent with his faith.

Rachel Sheffield: “Wall Street Journal: Conservatives Oppose National Standards” (The Foundry, May 9)

Ryan T. Anderson: “Obama and the Truth about Marriage” (The Foundry, May 10

Steve Chapman: “Moderates Only Look Dead” (Chicago Tribune, May 10)
Don’t look now, but the center is holding

Kevin DeYoung: “Five Reasons Christians Should Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage” (Christian Post, May 10)

Patrick T. Reardon: “Memo to NATO Diplomats: Ignore the Chicago Hype” (Chicago Tribune, May 11) 

Happy Mother's Day!

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