Saturday, May 19, 2012

Articles of the Week - May 19

This week's pick seem to have more variety than usual. There's politics and political philosophy, ecclesiology, social theology, and literature. Enjoy!

Adele Ahlberg Calhoun: "The Spiritual Practice of Saying Yes and No" (Gifted for Leadership, May 7) 
Learning how to respond to life's many invitations.

David E. Sanger: "Is There a Romney Doctrine?" (The New York Times, May 12)
Dozens of subtle position papers flow through Mitt Romney's policy shop, but they seem to have little influence on his hawkish-sounding pronouncements.

John Piper: "How Does the Command to Honor Father, Mother Relate to God?" (Christian Post, May 13)

Prospero: "England, My England" (The Economist, May 13)

Thom S. Rainer: "Seven Things in the Church That Will Not Change" (Christian Post, May 14)
The Bible is still the Word of God. God is still in control. Sometimes the pace of change confuses and disorients us.

Dennis Byrne: "The 'Essence' of Marriage" (Chicago Tribune, May 15)
While the inevitability of same-sex marriage now is a given the only question remaining is when I'm still trying to locate the way.

Keving DeYoung: "If We Believe All the Same Things, Why Do Our Churches Seem So Different?" (Christian Post, May 15)
Here are ten things that distinguish between what I would call a vibrant, robust Bible-believing church and one that gets the statement of faith right but feels totally different.

Ericka Anderson: "America's Necessary Loyalty to Human Freedom" (The Foundry, May 16)

Katrina Taylor: "From Heartbreak to Joy" (World Vision Blog, May 16)

Ryan Messmore: "Gay Marriage and the Golden Rule" (The Foundry, May 17)

Josh Moody: "Work at the Crossroads" (God-Centered Life, May 17)

John Kass: "Some Lessons in Chicago-style Diplomacy" (Chicago Tribune, May 18)

Lillian Kwon: "Can People Who Have Never Heard of Jesus Be Saved?" (Christian Post, May 18)
Pastors confronted with questions and some dissent over the idea that no one can be saved apart from faith in Jesus Christ are reaffirming what they assert is a hard yet clear truth.

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