Saturday, June 9, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 9

Topics this week include behind the scenes of the performing arts, soteriology, social policy, and a book review. By the way, you may notice from time to time that I include articles that do not fall within the current week; this is because I get those articles from an intermediary site that posts the links within the current week, even if the original article is older.

Amanda Angel: "Top Five Faked Classical Performances" (Top 5 @ 105, May 31)

Cureator: "I Choose Delight" (Cureator, June 4)

Editorial: "Enter the Dragon" (Chicago Tribune, June 4)
SpaceX delivers a flawless space mission.

Richard Mouw: "Getting to the Crux of Calvary" (Christianity Today, June 4)
Each atonement theory highlights a truth about the Cross -- but none more so than Christ's substitutionary death.

Ryan T. Anderson: "Definition of Marriage Headed to the Supreme Court" (The Foundry, June 5)

Kevin DeYoung: "Two Things to Keep in Mind When Evangelicals Turn Catholic" (Christian Post, June 7)

Jason Hood: "The New Normal Trinitarianism" (SAET Blog, June 7)

Lillian Kwon: "Why Go to Church When You Can Watch Online?" (Christian Post, June 7)

David Weinberger: "The Morality of Conservatism" (The Foundry, June 7)

Eric Zorn: "Decisive Dad Picks No. 1 Virtue for Newly Minted Grad" (Change of Subject, June 7)

Napp Nazworth: "Theologian: Christians Need to Ground Themselves in Scripture, Not Fads" (Christian Post, June 8)

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