Saturday, June 16, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 16

I only starred a handful of articles this week, but there are some interesting arguments made, including more than one perspective on the mission of the Church.

Brett Campbell: "New Models from Indie Orchestras" (San Francisco Classical Voice, June 8)

Tullian Tchividjian: "Cheap Law" (Christian Post, June 9)
Jesus shows unambiguously that the greatest obstacle to getting the gospel is not "cheap grace" but "cheap law" - the idea that God accepts anything less than the perfect righteousness of Jesus.

Alex Murashko: "Tired of Christian Left, Right? You Are Not Alone, Says Author" (Christian Post, June 12)
There are a growing number of believers who fit neither camp and are perfectly pleased to be outside the diatribe.

Katherine Weber: "'In God We Teach' Explores Fine Line Between Religious Freedom and Free Speech" (Christian Post, June 12)
A student at a public high school revealed recordings of his history teacher speaking on Jesus and salvation in the classroom.

Kevin DeYoung: "Why the Mission of the Church Discussion Still Matters" (Christian Post, June 13)
For many churches and many Christians our mission work and mission aims have become indistinguishable from that of any number of humanitarian organizations.

Paul Gallagher: "The American Spirit" (The Foundry, June 14)

Napp Nazworth: "Evangelicals Should Be Gospel Centered, Not Salvation Centered" (Christian Post, June 14)

Happy Father's Day!

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