Saturday, June 23, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 23

Lots of articles this week about major national issues debates, as well as a few pieces of good advice.

Robert Hendrickson: "Don't Do It for the Kids: Of Hymnal Revision and Young Adults" (The Curate's Desk, May 15)

Anne Midgette: "Concerto on the Fly: Can Classical Musicians Learn to Improvise?" (The Washington Post, June 16)

Ryan T. Anderson: "The Case Against Obamacare, on Abortion" (The Foundry, June 17)

Alyene Senger: "Five Devastating Effects Obamacare Will Have on Young Adults" (The Foundry, June 17)

Ryan T. Anderson: "Reasoning for Marriage" (The Foundry, June 19)

Jonathan Lo: "Show White and the Huntsman: Fighting Injustice with Innocence" (World Vision Blog, June 19)

Doyle McManus: "Voting the Economy" (Chicago Tribune, June 19)
An election referendum? Or a choice?

W. David O. Taylor: "On the Vocation of an Artist: Part I" (Diary of an Arts Pastor, June 19)

Mary Schmich: "Challenge Yourself to Have a Worthwhile Summer" (Chicago Tribune, June 20)
As season begins, think about how you want to pass your time.

Rich Tucker: "Finding Answers in the Founding" (The Foundry, June 20)

Lara Barger: "That's the (American) Spirit!" (The Foundry, June 21)

Lindsey Burke: "Lack of Confidence in Public Schools at an All-Time High" (The Foundry, June 21)

George MacDonald: "Praying that Makes a Difference" (Leadership Journal, June 21)
Whether from the pulpit, or Ground Zero, pastoral prayer changes things.

Opinion: "Teacher Prep" (Chicago Tribune, June 21)
For the sake of Illinois students, don't dilute state standards for tomorrow's educators.

Gaysubtlety: "Patience" (gaysubtlety, June 22)

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