Saturday, June 2, 2012

Articles of the Week - June 2

Lots of variety this week on all the usual subjects and some not-so-comon topics: politics and political commentary, social and ecclesial theology, education policy, and Memorial Day.
Susan DeMersseman: "Not My Father's Grand Old Party" (Chicago Tribune, May 27)

Anugrah Kumar: "Why Does Pentecost Matter?" (Christian Post, May 27)
The pews are rarely packed on Pentecost Sunday although the day is often described as the "birthday of the Church" and is as significant as Christmas and Easter.

Editorial: "This Memorial Day" (The New York Times, May 28)
After a decade of two wars, there are many lost lives to mourn, and nature is doing all it can to comfort.

Ted R. Bromund: "From Britain, More Evidence That Smaller Government Is Better Government" (The Foundry, May 29)

Lindsey Burke: "Don't Strengthen NCLB -- Allow States to Escape It" (The Foundry, May 29)

Richard Dare: "The Awfulness of Classical Music Explained" (Huffington Post, May 29)

John Piper: "Why Don't We Experience the Miracles the Apostles Were Capable Of?" (Christian Post, May 29)
Well, some people do.

Kevin DeYoung: "The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments" (Christian Post, May 30)
Of the many complexities involving the church and homosexuality, one of the most difficult is how the former should speak to the latter.

Editorial: "Improve the Pension Bill" (Chicago Tribune, May 30)
Quinn's plan would lock in more savings -- more reform, really -- than Madigan's would.

John C. Knapp: "Business is the Church's Business" (Christianity Today, May 30)
It's wrong to elevate an ecclesiastical elite over the money-making members of the Body of Christ.

Duane Litfin: "Works and Words: Why You Can't Preach the Gospel with Deeds" (Christianity Today, May 30)
And why it's important to say so.

Rich Tucker: "Wedded to the Truth" (The Foundry, May 30)

Patrick T. Reardon: "A New Shepherd for Chicago" (Chicago Tribune, May 31)

Michael Franc: "Gov. Romney on Defense Spending and US Foreign Policy" (The Foundry, June 1)

Emily Goff and Rachel Sheffield: "Fix Entitlement Programs to Save the American Dream" (The Foundry, June 1)

Julia Shaw: "The Tyranny of Conservative Cliches" (The Foundry, June 1)

"State of Renewal" (The Economist, June 2)
The federal government could learn some lessons from the states.

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