Saturday, August 18, 2007

As Summer Was Just...Ending

I have indentified three signs of the end of summer, which are as follows.

1. It is sixty-eight degrees, overcast, and rainy in Oak Park. Folks, it looks and even feels like the middle of October. Which would be nice, because in the middle of October, I will have just celebrated my nineteenth birthday and be looking forward to a few days at home over fall break. But no, all I get from this fake mid-October is the weather. It's put me in a very lazy, unproductive mood.

2. I have finished my summer job as a pool maintenance technician for the Park District of Oak Park. Given that it is a seasonal position, I am required to voluntarily resign at the end of the season, which I did, effective today. It was a good summer at the pools. Certainly much more interesting than last summer.

3. My friends are either going or gone. New undergraduates arrived at the University of Illinois (all campuses) this past week, so that's probably a good two dozen people I actually know. My class's departure dates are fairly spread out, actually. I know a few people leaving this weekend, a lot leaving sometime next week, at least two leaving next weekend, and even one friend who isn't leaving until the weekend after that!

So, that's life at the end of this last summer before college. I shall probably blog once more before leaving for Wheaton on Thursday. Until then,

This is Rubio, over and out.

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