Friday, August 10, 2007

Billy Graham

I just watched 20/20 on ABC. Tonight's subject was the Rev. Billy Graham and his personal relationship with every president since Harry Truman. An excerpt from the transcript:
He's preached to every president since Harry Truman. It is one of the most unique series of friendships in modern politics, counseling these leaders under the tremendous stresses of war, politics and personal scandals. But evangelist Billy Graham simply refers to the last 11 presidents as his "friends."
Graham has been a personal interest of mine for a year or two now, partially because he is one of the most famous alumni of Wheaton College. He was the subject of my junior theme. On of my primary sources for that paper was Graham's autobiography, Just As I Am. It's a thick book, but he covers in detail his life and ministry around the world over the past sixty years. I highly recommend it.

What impressed me most as I researched Graham's life and ministry was the consistency across the decades. He admits to mistakes and changes he has made, but throughout his autobiography he consistently gives God the glory for the success of Graham's ministry and many personal blessings. It is probably that humility that has attracted recent presidents to him. George W. Bush, interviewed on 20/20, credits Graham with leading him to Christ.

I had the opportunity last fall to see the Billy Graham Center Museum on the campus of Wheaton College. It was just before my Conservatory audition, so I probably wasn't entirely focused on the exhibit, but I do remember that it was an excellent showcase of Graham's ministry, and at the same time pointed visitors to Christ. If you are ever in the Wheaton area, set aside an hour or so to visit the museum.

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